Who We Are

SES personnel seek to protect the health and wellbeing of the general population by maximizing the effectiveness of the application of our intellectual capital. Through effective communication - we assist clients in the management of environmental risk by providing excellent service with a constant sense of urgency.

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Mold Prevention

Be Ahead Of The Problem

We can mitigate mold amplification, limiting adverse health impact in a timely and effective manner.

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Mold Remediation

Say Goodbye To Mold

Our goal is to limit adverse health effects in response to fungal exposure in apartment homes, assisted living facilities, student housing and hotels. We remove all visible organic growth through building material replacement or mechanical abrasion and fungicide application.

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Phase I ESA

Identify Environmental Liabilities

This simple solution is used to help make sure that a full Environmental Assessment can be carried out to help evaluate and improve industrial, commercial and multi-familial properties as and when needed.

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Indoor Air Quality

Breathe Healthier Air

From source identification for nosocomial infections to causal determination for sick building syndrome, we perform evaluation of indoor air to determine the presence of chemicals or concern.

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Emergency Response

Rest Assured

SES responds to environmental hazards and large-scale national emergencies. Whenever the need arises we provide assistance to affected areas and help local communities recover from the crisis.

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